It is with great sorrow that I have to announce the death of Chub Pearson owner and sculptor of Denizen Miniatures

We are now seeking a buyer for the ranges please make all enquires to

Mr L. Locke

At this point production of the 1/43 rd scale range will contnue but the 25mm will be closed down for the moment

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Producers of the following ranges of high quality white metal miniatures:
1/43rd scale Motor Sport related range (approx 120 figures)
25mm Science Fiction range (approx 80 figures)
25mm Fantasy range (100 figures)
90mm Collectors Fantasy Females range (7 figures)

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently having problems replying to customers
using gmail email addresses. Please click here for an explanation.


2 new 1/43rd galleries added

Some of our Science Fiction Figures:

Some of our Fantasy Figures:

All miniatures sculpted and painted by Chub Pearson unless otherwise stated