Please note:
As of the 24th September 2013 we are no longer able to accept payment
by credit and debit cards.

The cost of keeping the ability to process card payments continues to rise, and as over 95% of our customers now use Paypal it's not an expense we can continue to justify.
Paying via Paypal is very simple these days and much more secure than giving your card details to a number of different traders.
I'm sorry if this inconveniences anyone, it's a simple matter of economics alas!




Postal Address:
Denizen Miniatures, The Gatehouse, Hamsey Crossing, Lewes, East Sussex BN8 5TA, UK.
Tel: 01273 476848



Please email us with a list of the figures you want and which country you’re in and we’ll work it
out and let you know. We don't have fixed rates for shipping, we just charge the actual postal cost as
that seems the fairest way of doing it. We don't charge for packing, except on orders under £5.00
where we charge an extra £0.30 to cover the cost of the mailing bag.

UK and Europe:
9 or more figures: Post free

Current Post Office Costs:
UK: Up to 100gm = £1.06 - 101-250gm = £1.50
Europe: Up to 100gm = £2.80 - 101-250gm = £4.00
USA/Canada: Up to 100gm = £3.45 - 101-250gm = £5.00

As a rough guide, 100gm = 6 or 7 standard single figures.



Payment by PayPal

Please make payment - in UK pounds please - to:

or we can send you a PayPal payment request for the order total if it's easier for you.

Payment by cheque (UK only)

By cheque made payable to DENIZEN MINIATURES

Payment by bank transfer

This is also possible, please contact us for details if you wish to pay this way