Here you can download copies of all the different instruction sheets for the 1/43rd range in pdf format if the originals get lost or spoilt.

downloads1.pdf :
RD39 and RD83: Front Jack instructions

RD40 and RD90: Front Jack instructions
RD35: Armco Barrier instructions

downloads2.pdf :
RD89 and RD94: Refuelling Nozzle diagram
RD44: Front Jack instructions

RD45: Rear Jack instructions
RD114: Old Quick Lift Jack instructions
RD68 and RD104: Flag instructions plus extra yellow and chequered flags

Visor templates:
RD12 and RD34: Save the image and print it at 25%

Illustrated Lists:
Listings and pictures of all the range you can download as pdf files and print out

And now for something completely different:
Old advertising signs for dioramas:

One of my hobbies is making virtual race tracks on the computer. A while ago I was making Goodwood as it was in the sixties, and as part of that I recreated all the old advertising signs. You can see screenshots of the result here

I found that they also printed out well and looked good on a couple of dioramas I had, so I've put them all into a zip file as a free gift to anyone who wants to liven up their diorama.

I must point out that these are not a Denizen product but solely the product of one enthusiast wanting to share his work with others for free. If there is any objection made to the use of still existing trade marks I will of course remove them at once.

Click on the image below to download the file, and please let me know if they are of use.