Pictures of all the figures
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FA1   Thief pointing   £1.65
FA2   Headsman with Axe   £1.65
FA3   Elf Maiden   £1.65
FA4   Dwarf carrying Sack   £1.65
FA5   Orc with Billhook   £1.65
FA6   Orc with Club   £1.65
FA7   Hero charging with Sword   £1.65
FA8   Fighter with Mace   £1.65
FA9   Mage casting Spell   £1.65
FA10   Cleric with Flail   £1.65
FA11   Female Assassin   £1.65
FA12   Dwarf with Hammer   £1.65
FA14   Fighter with 2 handed Sword   £1.65
FA15   Enchantress   £1.65
FA16   Goblin with Axe   £1.65
FA17   Wraith   £1.65
FA18   Orc with Mace   £1.65
FA19   Reptile   £1.65
FA22   Heroine with Sword   £1.65
FA23   Hero with Sword   £1.65
FA24   Paladin drawing Sword   £1.65
FA25   Weapons - Pack A   £1.65
FA26   Weapons - Pack B   £1.65
FA27   Orc Guardsman with Mace   £1.65
FA28   Ranger with Bow   £1.65
FA29   Elf Adventurer with Bow   £1.65
FA30a   Dwarf Adventurer with Axe   £1.65
FA30b   Same Dwarf with Hammer   £1.65
FA33   Tribal Chieftain   £1.65
FA34   Tribesman running/Spear   £1.65
FA35   Man Troll with Club   £1.65
FA36   Man Troll throwing Rock   £1.65
FA37   Giant with Club   £2.25
FA38   Female Adventurer/Sword   £1.65
FA39   Goblin with Sword   £1.65
FA43   Treasure Chest   £1.65
FA44   Ninja drawing Sword   £1.65
FA45   Goblin with Club   £1.65
FA46   Adventurer drawing Sword   £1.65
FA47   Same adventurer, dead   £1.65
FA48   Female Ranger with Bow   £1.65
FA49   Dungeon Mistress   £1.65
FA51   Ninja kicking   £1.65
FA52   Ninja with Sword   £1.65
FA53   Ninja kneeling   £1.65
FA54   Female Adventurer/Sword   £1.65
FA55   Mounted Paladin/Sword   £3.20
FA56   Mounted Cleric with Flail   £3.20
FA57   Female Ninja   £1.65
FA58   Amazon Guardswoman/Spear   £1.65
FA60   Wizard with Book   £1.65
FA61   Great Orc with Gnome   £2.25

P6   Beagle Adventurer   £1.65
P7   Comic Barbarian   £1.65
P8   Comic Dwarf   £1.65
P9   Secret Agent   £1.65
P10   Oriental Thug   £1.65


FA13   Axeman with Shield   £1.65
FA20   Swordsman with Shield   £1.65
FA21   Standard Bearer   £1.65
FA31   Axeman in Scale Armour   £1.65
FA32   Leather Armour/ManCleaver   £1.65
FA40   Mounted Warlord   £3.20
FA41   Scale Armour with Mace   £1.65
FA42   Bowman in leather Armour   £1.65
FA50   Pikeman holding severed head   £1.65
FA59   Mounted Warlock   £3.20
M1a   Warrior with Sword   £1.65
M1b   Warrior with Axe   £1.65
M1c   Warrior with Polearm   £1.65
M1d   Warrior with Ball & Chain   £1.65
M2a   Cloaked warrior with Sword   £1.65
M2b   Cloaked warrior with Axe   £1.65
M2c   Cloaked warrior/Polearm   £1.65
M2d   Cloaked warrior/Ball & Chain   £1.65

DW1   Scale Armour and Halberd   £1.95
DW2   Scale Armour and Hammer   £1.95
DW3   Scale Armour and Sword   £1.95
DW4   Scale Armour and Axe   £1.95
DW5   Leather Armour/Hammer   £1.95
DW6   Leather Armour and Club   £1.95
DW7   Leather Armour and Axe   £1.95
DW8   Leather Armour and Sword   £1.95
DW9   Chain Mail and Sword   £1.95
DW10   Chain Mail and Spear   £1.95
DW11   Chain Mail and CrossBow   £1.95
DW12   Chain Mail and MorningStar   £1.95
DW13   Chain Mail - Thief   £1.95
DW14   Chain Mail - Archer   £1.95
DW15   Chain Mail - 2 Swords   £1.95
DW16   Chain Mail and Dagger   £1.95
DW17   Plate Armour and Sword   £1.95
DW18   Plate Armour/MorningStar   £1.95
DW19   Plate Armour and Mace   £1.95
DW20   Plate Armour and Axe   £1.95
Please Note: These dwarves are supplied in kit form. They have separate heads and weapons and require assembly. They are more expensive as they take longer to cast and have to be individually packed.

GOBLINS: by Paul Strivens
PG1   Shaman Goblin   £1.65
PG2   Goblin Swordsman   £1.65
PG3   Goblin with Pike   £1.65
PG4   Goblin with Spear   £1.65
PG5   Goblin Swordsman   £1.65
PG6   Goblin with Billhook   £1.65
PG7   Goblin with Sling   £1.65
PG8   Goblin Archer   £1.65
PG9   Goblin Standard Bearer   £1.65
PS1   Great Orc Drummer   £2.25
PS2   Great Orc Champion   £2.25
PS3   Demon   £2.25